We only use ingredients from trusted sources. Thanks to New Zealand’s strict government regulations and the excellent reputation which comes from good environmental practices, our world acclaimed ovine and cervine placenta products are second to none.  AGE NO MORE stem cell products are pure, potent and traceable. It is sourced from animals living in the open pastures of southern New Zealand, where animal welfare is a priority. Our lush, open pastures produce some of the world’s healthiest livestock.

What makes Age No More stem cell products so effective?

Using lyophilisation or freeze-drying, water is removed from the placenta, and the nutrients are preserved, ensuring that you get pure, unaltered nutrients in every supplement. Vitamins and other natural ingredients which provide a powerful source of skin food.

Modern science acknowledges the nutrient-rich nature of the placenta. Numerous studies have uncovered the large numbers of active enzymes present in the organ, particularly the regenerative and anti-ageing potential that placenta stem cells offer.

Stem cells are particularly valuable because they have the capacity to heal or replace tissues and organs. All cells die over time, and it is the replacement of these cells that keeps us feeling healthy and looking young. With such incredible properties in our natural sheep and deer placenta, you never need look anywhere else for anti-ageing.

New Zealand is protected from many diseases simply by virtue of being so remote, and the New Zealand sheep farming industry is uniquely placed to provide high quality by-products such as placenta stem cells. All our products come from premises registered and monitored by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries and their ingredients can be traced back to the pasture in which they were grown.